The Secret to Potty-Training Success

My little one turned 3 at the end of January, and I feel like we’ve been wishing she  was potty trained for….a decade now.

My boy didn’t fully potty-train until he was 3-and-a-half, so I’m confident that it will happen SOMEDAY.  But I confess to being a little bit impatient for it to happen NOW.

Lately she’s been alerting us of the need to sit on the potty….only to find out that she was confusing needing to pee with peeing.

I’ve been feeling encouraged, though, with her awareness of peeing…even if it is after the fact.

Well, I’m pleased to announce that we’ve had a few successes over the past several days!

Want to know my secret?

Lean in closer, I’ll whisper it to you.


It’s going commando.

Seriously.  When she’s at home, she wears a shirt, and nothing on the bottom.  When she has a diaper on, she won’t go on the potty. Even if it’s a pretty princess pull-up with the warning that the princesses don’t like being peed or pooped on.  {I kid you not. } Still a no-go.

But when she’s diaperless, she seems to be more cognizant of her body’s warning signals….probably because she doesn’t want to go potty on the couch!  =)

I’m taking these little successes and running with them.  She’s excited that she’s peeing on the potty, and we are too!

If you’re struggling, too, try the commando thing.

Unless you have a wiggly boy or girl who can get completely engrossed in playing and tune everything out…then you might want to wait  a little while, or you’ll be cleaning up even bigger messes.  Ask me how I know.

And if you’re a veteran potty-trainer, I’d love to hear what worked for you.  Just in case this, you know, backfires.  {Pun intended. }  ‘Cuz that would be messy.

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