I’m a Dime-a-Dozen Blogger……{and I’m Tired of It!}

It occurs to me that I’m a Dime-a-Dozen blogger….meaning what you find on here could be found in similar style or format on a dozen different blogs.

But I don’t have a dime-a-dozen LIFE…so why should I be satisfied with that kind of blog?

I don’t blog about homeschool freebies like Kathy’s Cluttered Mind or make tons of great printables like Homeschool Creations or Confessions of a Homeschooler.  I don’t teach about events in History like Mom’s Mustard Seeds or even have strong views on real-life happenings like Get Along Home.  I know nothing about large family life, nor do I have the overflow of love and faith that you see coming from Holy Spirit Led Homeschooling.   I don’t take gorgeous photos like you see on Finding Joy, though I do strive to have an attitude like she has!

So what do I have that makes me stand out from the crowd?

  • I could tell you about growing up with a Mom who makes the best Korean food in the world…..and having kimchi, bulgogi, curry, and the list goes on and on.  {or about being bilingual as a wee child….that’s a funny story.  The sad part is that I’m only monolingual now….except for knowing a few words and phrases in Spanish, French, and the teeniest bit of Korean}.
  • I could tell you about having one of the best influences in the world as a kid….my Grandma who shared her love of art and nature, and who had the biggest heart ever…..
  • I’m pretty good with online stuff, tweaking code, and figuring out the processes that annoy the heck out of others….but I built a separate blog just for helping people on the web….
  • I have a whole series brewing in my brain about homeschooling and living with a seriously strong-willed child….and how his strong-willed personality led us to where we are today with me being home(ish) with the kiddos and homeschooling….I’m actually finding several more strong-willed child posts as I go through them…like Monsters In My House.  Definitely making this its own category!
  • Going off of that last bullet-point, I’ve written about how I need to make adjustments to fit the learning style & personality of my strong-willed child (herehere and here)
  • I did one post about living with depression and this one that kind of fell into the same category.  Oh yeah, and the Mommy Meltdown one.
  • oh, and I did write about the best Star Wars birthday party ever!   ;o)

Given what you now know (more of) about me, what would you like to see here?  Anything in particular?

If you’re a blogger, what do YOU do that sets you apart?


  1. MOMKABOODLE says:

    Oh, my sweet friend. You are a treasure, and a true blessing to me! Hope you know that every day. Thank you! Love you too!

  2. Moms Mustard Seeds says:

    Stephanie, you are so FAR from being a Dime-A-Dozen blogger!!!! You, my friend…are one that I LOVE to read…I may not comment often (I don't anywhere)….but, my reader loves your posts…I read them, I see them and I pray for you…and long to sit on that big porch with you. Now, do you want me to stack some dimes of how You help me? Let's talk about my blog….how many times have you had to dig me out of a ditch? Let's talk about being real….you have done that in a way that has helped me come out of the closet and be transparent…and hosting twitter parties….did I mention….YOU ARE REAL?….and i LOVE you dearly!

  3. Oh man the growing pains of blogging and discovering what's unique about you. Tough! I struggle with it all the time. I wrote about blogging rules and how they are like matching socks. They stink and you never find two the same. 🙂 http://jessiegunderson.com/?p=2409

    I'm redneck and random and I don't like "fitting" in but I also don't like getting totally left behind. So what do we do?

    Well, I haven't been reading here a ton but I'll tell you what has helped me. In NO particular order.

    1. Five Minute Friday's with The Gypsy Mama. Because writing is a muscle and I'm often far too critical of myself. I have 52 blog drafts because I'm a perfectionist and I don't have time to go back and "fix" them.

    2. Pray a lot and get back into daily devotions. I literally started with 1-3minutes a day while the coffee brewed. I think I should start blogging about that because I used to think it had to big a big hurkin' deal. But now I know that Jesus is the big deal, not me.

    3. Those things you mentioned above, your passions, your life experience, the quirky struggles and stories you think are boring…that's what you should write about. No one else things they are dumb but you. At least that's been my experience when thinking about "boring old me".

    4. You do not have to "sell anything", give away anything amazing, or be who you aren't to build a community online. You just need to be generous and sincere.

    Hey, maybe I should turn this into a blog post! LOL I'm glad you asked. This has given me much to think about. Again. And reminded me why I write.

    Quick side note. My first blog was a gluten free food blog, because I thought I had to "sell" something. Problem. I'm a terrible cook! Then when I started switching over to mom blog, redneck randomness, I tried giveaways and gimmicks. Problem. No one knew I was doing them. I had too small a following. Now I'm finally getting a rhythm but it's slow going.

    But I'd rather grow one persona at a time and keep up the friendships than have a ton of artificial followers and/or disappointed click throughs.
    🙂 Here's to finding your voice! I'm rooting for you.

    Jessie at JessieGunderson.com

    • MOMKABOODLE says:

      Thanks for the great tips, Jess! All good things to consider going forward. =)