Amazing Animals by Design {TOS #homeschool Crew Review}

Amazing Animals by Design

Amazing Animals by Design is about a boy and a girl, and a trip they take to the zoo with their parents.  For each animal they encountered, they learned about the specific design of each animal that enabled them to survive.

As we read through the book, we came upon a picture of a large, cat-like creature with tufted ears.  Before I could say a word, my 6-year-old yells out “Caracal!  That’s a Caracal!”  (I had no idea….I think he learned about it from PBS.  =)

He had told me once that the Caracal can jump up into the air and knock birds out of the sky.  I’ll tell you, I was skeptical.  I figured he meant that it leaped from a tree branch, but he insisted that it did that from the ground.  Here’s what the book said:

The children watched in amazement as the trainer showed how the caracal could jump up to twelve feet in the air backwards. It could knock several birds out of the air with one jump.

Of course this was followed by a “See, Mommy?  I TOLD you they could do that!”
The book goes on to explain what the Caracal cannot do, and why being able to jump so high is important for their survival.  (I’d tell you…..but you should really just read and find out).  🙂
My kids and I enjoyed reading this book together, and finding out some of the neat designs of animals that point to our amazing Creator.
Debra Haagen wrote Amazing Animals by Design in order to introduce young children to the theory of Intelligent Design, and letting them know from an early age that there is scientific reason behind the theories of Creation and Intelligent Design.  Read more about Debra Haagen and this book here.
This book is intended for children ages Pre-K through 3rd grade.  The 24-page paperback book can be purchased for $8.99, and the PDF eBook can be purchased for $7.99.

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Disclaimer:  I received a complimentary PDF download of this book in exchange for my honest review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own, and no monetary compensation was received.


  1. Thank you for your review! I love the story about your 6yo and the caracal. Part of the reason I made sure to include it in the book was because my little boy (about 8 when I wrote the book) loved the animal so much. We were watching a show at the zoo one day when the trainer brought it out and said, "Does anyone know what this is?" I guessed some sort of bobcat, as did several other audience members. My 8yo raised his hand and said, "I think it's a caracal." The trainer was amazed that he knew. I asked him later how he knew that it was a caracal, and he said, "Because it LOOKED like a caracal!" He must have seen it on an animal program or in a book as well. I'd never heard of one before!! 🙂