Set Your Feedburner Emails to Show Your Blog Post Title in the Subject Line


Have you ever subscribed to a blog by email and it just shows the blog name?  Does that entice you to open the emails?

Or are you more inclined to open an email that has the blog post title in the subject line?

I’ll be honest with you – I receive several hundred emails per day.  I usually skim through the subject lines very quickly, and only open the ones that appear to be relevant and/or interesting (or ones that I know are personal emails, not subscriptions).

If you have a blog, you want people to actually visit it, right?

Try putting the title of your post in your RSS feed email subject line, and I’ll bet you’ll see an increase in visitors to your blog.

Here’s how:

1.  Log in to your account.

2.  Click on the link to view your feed.

3.  Select the Publicize tab:

4.  In the sidebar click “Email Subscription”, then click “Email Branding”



5.  In the Email Subject/Title field, you can have the name of your blog there or not.  (It’s probably a good idea to keep it in there).   After that, add the following code:

– ${latestItemTitle}

For example, mine looks like this:

6. {optional} You may have noticed that I checked the box that says “Change Subject when an email has 2 or more items”.  If I post more than once before the feedburner email goes out, both items will show up in the email.  Without checking the box, it will just have the subject of the latest item listed, and you may or may not see in the email that I have more than one post listed.

There are 2 options if you want to notify someone that there is more than one post included in your email subscription.

We’ll assume here that I have 2 posts total that went out before the email was generated.

The email subject will say my latest blog post title in the subject line.

Option 1:  Web Helper Gal – Set Your Feedburner Emails to Show Your Blog Post Title in the Subject Line + 1 more

Option 2: Web Helper Gal (in this message: 2 new items)

Which one do you like better?  (the choice is really up to you)


To utilize option 1, check the Change Subject box, and in the second text box, type what I have:

+ ${m} more

The ${m} is what’s going to say how many extra posts are included – The text around it is really optional – you could change it up if you want.  Just make sure that there are spaces around the ${m} and that whatever you write will make sense whether it’s 1 post, or more than one post.

{Ex: If you have this:

and ${m} other posts

it’s not going to make sense if you only have 1 more post – it will read “and 1 other posts”.

See what I mean?

If you’d like to have the total number of posts in your subject line, use ${n} instead.  (again, you can play with the wording, as long as it makes sense)

****7.   Very Important – Make sure you scroll down and hit “Save” when you’ve finished making your changes:


  1. hey, thanks for the info. Will apply it to my blog.

  2. Thanks for the tip! I think I did it! 🙂