The Day the World Went Wacky {Review & Twitter Party}

“The Day the World Went Wacky” by Janine Suter is a new book by Master Books publishing that teaches kids about the Fall of Man.

The books starts out from a child’s perspective.  He is in the dentist chair with a cavity, and he questions why God made pain.

If God made the world, and He made it all good,
Then why doesn’t everything work like it should?

The answer, of course, is traced back to Adam and Eve, and their Original Sin.

And sin is as vile and as gross as can be.
You’re stuck in the stuff and it’s in you and me.
That sin in our life means we can’t go to heaven
Unless we trust Jesus to have it forgiven.

I love that this book makes it easy for kids to relate to the Fall, and see not only why it matters to us today, but also how to overcome the barrier of sin to get to heaven.

I love the rhyming tone to this book.  However, as a mom of a 6-year-old, and a 3-year-old, I do have a couple of complaints.

My first was the dentist chair part of it ~

And just as the dentist put in a huge filling
(My ears were half deaf with the noise of the drilling)

Ummm…..I don’t want my kids to be scared of the dentist!

I also wasn’t particularly impressed with the illustrations.  That much being said, I do see cartoons, etc meant for older kids that use this type of illustration. So perhaps it’s just an older-kid thing?

Despite these two issues that I had with it, my kids love this book. When I asked my son what he thought of it, he said “I like it, except for the un-real looking characters.”

So there you have it. Good book, possibly better suited for kids older than 6.

We also had the opportunity to review this cool puzzle globe with Genesis 1:1 on it:

I’ll be completely honest with you ~  I tried assembling this without reading the directions first, and I did NOT do a good job!

My only complaint is that I left the kiddos with Grandma for a few hours, and they assembled it while I was gone.  🙁  I’m glad they were able to do it, I just wanted to help.  (hehe!)

This great little puzzle is made out of hard plastic with little numbers on the back to make it easier to assemble (IF you follow the instructions for directionality!). It comes with a chord to hang it with, and a plastic base to stand it on.   This might make a great little Christmas gift (especially if you do an ornament exchange) as it could easily be hung on the tree.  {Yeah, I know that Christmas is forever away….but something to keep in mind}.  A good way to help #teachthetruth though, no?

Here’s how you can get these great resources:

Puzzle globe: New Leaf Publishing Group – $5.99

The Day the World Went Wacky: New Leaf Publishing Group – $9.99 or Amazon – $9.99

OR you can win them.

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Prizes include:

Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of “The Day the World Went Wacky” and the Puzzle globe to review in exchange for my honest opinion. I received no monetary compensation in exchange for a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. Hey, Stephanie! Great review. I agree about the illustrations. Kinda weird looking. Otherwise, though, the book was well written and truly a great resource to #TeachtheTruth!