Easy-Peasy Scrambled Eggs & Help for the Domestically Challenged

My kiddos love scrambled eggs in the morning, and I love that they love them.   I don’t love the stuck-on egg film on the bottom of my (non-stick – go figure!) pans.  And to be perfectly honest, I don’t really love standing over the pan while it cooks.

My sweet friend, Erin, told me about an easier method that she found, and it’s been working really well for us.  (I’m thankful for you, friend!)

Prepare your ingredients as you usually would in a microwave-safe bowl.  We usually do 5 or 6 eggs, some milk, and scramble them up together.

Microwave 1 minute for each egg.  (Though if I have 6 regular sized eggs, I can usually get away with doing it for 5 minutes).

Check that it’s fully cooked, but you should have a nice, puffy, non-burnt concoction!  We put shredded cheese on at this point, and of course the kids like ketchup on top of theirs.

You can also toast bread or English muffins while the eggs are microwaving and they can have a yummy egg sandwich.

Now, if you are domestically challenged like me, I have a great resource to tell you about.

Nony from A Slob Comes Clean has written a fantastic ebook, called 28 Days to Hope for Your Home. If you use the promo code “HOPE” (without the quotes) today (2/28) or tomorrow (2/29), you can grab this little gem of an ebook for $2.

But wait – before you grab it, I want to tell you who should NOT buy this book.

  • If you just need a little help with cleaning;
  • If you can have company over within a days’ notice;
  • If you DON’T look around the house almost every single day wondering when a tornado whipped through each and every room;
  • If you wouldn’t be mortified having a friend drop by unannounced;

For those of you who DON”T fall into any of those categories, this book is for you.  Nony is funny and witty, and she won’t make you feel bad about being domestically challenged.  The girl is a straight-shooter, and she knows where we’re coming from.  🙂

If you could use some hope, and some help, grab the ebook here. Your home and your sanity will thank you!  Oh, and here’s a video from Nony detailing the book:


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  1. Do the eggs get rubbery in the microwave? Seems like the microwave does something to the texture of a lot of foods.

    • MOMKABOODLE says:

      Good question, Cindy! They don't get rubbery….I was pretty surprised, too. =)