What’s the Point of Pinterest?

I’ll be honest with you.  I balked at joining Pinterest for a long time (I did the same thing with Facebook).  After all, I saw a lot of people saying how addictive Pinterest was…..and,  quite frankly, I didn’t need something else that would suck my time away.

Then, one day, I gave in.  I don’t remember exactly how, or why even, but I made an account.  From there I didn’t really know what else to do.  Truly?  I didn’t see the draw.

But then….it all clicked.  And now I LOVE it!

So, if you’re wondering what it is, I’m going to give you a little word picture to help you figure it out.  🙂

Imagine you have a giant room with a huge corkboard on the wall.  If you see a picture that you like ~ anywhere ~ you get to put it on your giant board (we’ll call it a pinboard, okay?).  You’ll take out your thumbtacks and pin up the picture that you like.

Now, let’s say you go next door to your friend’s room.  In there you see a picture that you like.   You take a copy of that picture and pin it to your own board.

If you’d like to organize your pictures by category, you can use a brand new pinboard in your room for it.  You could have a board for yummy foods that you like, a board for neat ideas you have for the kiddos, etc.

Other people can come into your room and look at your photos, and you can look at theirs.  If they like your photos, they can take a copy of it for their own board (this is called “repinning”).

You can leave the room any time you want, but if you find a photo that you like, you can pin it up on any of your boards.

Sounds kind of neat, right?

This, friends, is how Pinterest works.  The thing is, it doesn’t stop at just having the photos on your virtual pinboard.  If a friend posts a YUMMY looking photo on her pinboard, I can repin it to my board….but if I click the photo, it will take me to the website where the actual recipe is posted.

If another friend posts an awesome homeschool idea (or craft idea for the kiddos, if you don’t homeschool), I can repin it to my “homeschool ideas” board.  Then, when I’m looking for an idea of what to do for the kiddos, I can click through that pinboard, find a photo with an idea that I like, then go to the original website that had posted the photo for instructions. (Examples: I found some things for MLK Jr Day, some neat winter projects, etc.   They weren’t things that we would do right away, but I wanted to be able to reference the ideas later.)

Likewise, if I’m surfing the web and find a yummy recipe, a neat sewing tutorial, a cool crochet pattern (etc., etc., etc.), I can “pin” that idea to one of my boards on Pinterest, and refer back to it when I need it.  It’s kind of like bookmarking websites.  Except that you share your bookmarks with people that follow you, and you get to see other people’s bookmarks too.

As some of you may know, my little sister is planning her wedding.  We have a pinboard that we share between us (you can add a contributor to your pinboards), and any time we see a neat wedding idea, we pin it to that board.  It could be for favors, decorations, dresses, centerpieces….you name it!  (and it’s a lot more organized than if we emailed our links back and forth to each other ~ especially if we didn’t keep it all in the same thread, which tends to happen).

So, to sum it up, Pinterest is a way to organize things that interest you.  (PINS + INTEREST = PINTEREST)  :o)

If you do decide to create an account (or if you have one and have no clue what to do with it, like I did), create a board, give it a name that reflects an interest that you have, and start pinning things to it.  Easy peasy!

Oh, one more quick tip ~ if you’re using Firefox for a web browser, you can install a “Pin It” button into your bookmarks toolbar, allowing you to pin anything from any site.  Go into about/goodies in your account to find out more about that.

Happy Pinning!

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  1. I HATE pin interest. I do a lot of shopping online and when I click on the image I am interested in it takes me to pin interest. Most of the time the item is not on sale or does not offer a link to find it. I waste so much time clicking on things that are not available because of pin interest. HATE IT!

  2. yeah like what's the point in pinning all these pictures on your virtual board? or even commenting them with "wow", "sweet", "love"? is this page made for 10 year olds?

  3. So basically to sum it up , Pinrest is an absolutely useless site.