My Word for 2012

When I started seeing people posting their word for the year, my first thought was ……Psshtt.  I’m not doing that.

I mean, it was fine for them….but I wouldn’t even know where to begin to look for one.   Besides, all of the good words were probably taken ~ as if we were limited to one person per word…!  {I especially love my friend Rebecca’s word.}

But despite those thoughts, I felt one word pressing on my thoughts repeatedly…in a gentle, yet firm way.  That word?


Yup, Family.

I know that in the past I haven’t always put my family first when making decisions about where I commit my time.

I’m feeling the pressure now….I’ve backed off on a couple of things, and said “no” to some new opportunities so that I can be present for them….and mostly sane.  (though that last part may be stretching it!)  And I am striving to spend less time in front of this time-suck that we call a computer.   This post from Rachel at Finding Joy really spoke to me.

I’ve been reading “Seasons of a Mother’s Heart” by Sally Clarkson, and her words are affirming what I already know in my heart.  It’s not about me right now.  It’s not about trying to be well known as a blogger or a mommy…..or a website setter-upper…or any of the other things that I’d like to be “known” for.

Nope, this season is about encouraging and loving on my kids and my hubby.   (not that I won’t do some of those things in the background – they just need to take a way-backseat for now).

Now, before you think I’m applying for martyrdom, know that I believe that Me-time (where I get to do things on my own) is what is best for our family – some of the time.   I still will go out with a friend from time to time, or send the kiddos out with Daddy while I do what I need to do to recharge.

But I have a pretty strong standard of measurement when considering new (and current) obligations.  If it doesn’t measure up and directly benefit the family, then it doesn’t fly for us.

Do you have a word that you’re using to measure things against this year?


  1. I have seen this around too. My year's word would have been thankful. I tried very hard to be thankful for all that I am blessed with. I thought about this year for a very long time. I would have to say that my 2012 year word is "breath." Taking time to stop and take a breather. Stop rushing and make memories.