Comparing Ourselves to Others….

I read this great post today  from Crystal at Money Saving Mom about comparing ourselves to others.

It reminded me of this fantastic quote that I found on Pinterest:


It’s so easy to do this with other homeschool bloggers, for example. They seem to have it ALL together. Their kids are easy to school and they do what they’re supposed to do; the house is always clean; meals just about make themselves….right? Isn’t that the way that it is?

I’ve talked to some of these bloggers that seem to get everything done every single day, with their hair perfectly coiffed…and they let me in on a little secret. Their blog does not reflect every day. It more often than not does not reflect their hair-pulling moments, or even their sinkful of dirty dishes.  It’s like closing the bedroom door when company comes to hide your mess…..

And who knows? The mess that they’re hiding could be WAY worse than your mess. You can’t trade them for their “good” without also taking their “bad”. 🙂

I love this free Fruit of the Spirit Confessions for Moms printable from Jamerrill of Holy Spirit-led Homeschooling. I asked her for advice one day on getting through the tough days, and she recommended finding a Scripture and clinging to it ALL. DAY. LONG.

Don’t let yourself get bogged down in the comparison trap, and keep on keeping on!

*quote attributed to Steven Furtick


  1. I agree! I try to be very candid and keep it real in my posts. I LONG for the "perfect day" of school, empty clothes hamper, and immaculate home. While I try to maintain our home presentable with the beds made, living spaces uncluttered… let me say, DON'T OPEN THE CLOSET DOOR!

  2. Like Jamie, I try to balance….but not get too nitty gritty every day. Sharing our lives and protecting, while encouraging…it's a fine line to walk!

  3. Amen! We do have to remember we're seeing what others want us to see on blogs, on facebook, etc… I do try to be intentional about balancing what I share, but for my family's sake I'm not going to share ALL the yucky moments! Love that pinterest quote!

    Here today from HHH!