We Got Punked!

Those are the words hubby said to me this morning.

Here’s how it went down.

Yesterday my boy started yelling that he lost his tooth – but that it was gone.  So after looking at every possible crumb trying to find said tooth, we figured that it must have gone the way of his snack (into his belly).  After reassuring him wholeheartedly that this kind of thing happens, and the tooth fairy still will visit, he calmed down and wrote this note:

Not bad for a boy that refused to write anything until recently, right?  Oh, that picture at the top is supposed to show where his tooth was missing from.

So we left the note under the pillow for the tooth fairy to find.

He came and woke us up this morning to tell us that the tooth fairy didn’t come.  Hubby suggested that he turn his light on and take another look.

He came running in with a super cool new Star Wars figure (that the tooth fairy made a special trip to pick up ….ahem) and he was ALL excited.   Then he found a special note that the tooth fairy left, explaining that lots of kids cannot find their tooth after losing it, and that it was okay.  Oh, and to keep up the good work brushing and eating healthy foods.   (He said he found out that the tooth fairy likes fancy writing, the color blue, and pictures of kids with teeth – his deductions from reading this note.)

The morning has been spent (quietly – thank you God that it has been QUIET this morning!) playing with this great new toy.

So when I came downstairs after having gotten ready for the day, hubby leaned over and whispered the words in the title – “we got punked!”  According to his assessment this morning, the wiggly front tooth had shifted way over, making it look like a side front tooth had been lost.  But in reality, the wiggly front tooth is still there, and no tooth was actually lost.

The boy fully believes that he lost a tooth.  Mommy thought he had lost a tooth (though I was surprised that it wasn’t a middle front tooth….argh).

And the tooth fairy made a fantastic visit with all kinds of fanfare.

So now we go on as if a tooth had been lost and that another tooth is just as wiggly.

Ahhhh well.  The price for a quiet, peaceful morning, I guess?    🙂


  1. Oh my…..I don't know what to say about that! Except…i'm glad you had a VERY quiet morning!!!