I should have seen it coming.  There were about 20-30 geese on the lawn of the park, naively standing around gabbling and soaking in the sunshine.

They were not expecting what came next.  Two delighted little boys, laughing deliriously as they chased after the geese.  From front to back, in a strange-looking procession (and a loud rush of flapping wings) the giant birds flocked into the waters to relative safety.

What joy those two little boys derived from that one little moment of pleasure!  And this momma….so tired of saying “stop doing (xyz….and abcdefghijklmnop) had joy bubbling up in her own heart as she watched them, giggling away.

I had the pleasure of meeting one of these boys for the first time today (the other was knit together in my womb over 6 years ago).  His mother and I talked about the difficulties of raising boys who are just a bit…MORE….than most little boys.

But truly, today was a pleasure.  I looked at these two playing, and roughhousing (and yes, stirring up a little mischief), and it was delightful for me as well as for them.

You see, the intensity that they can show in their negative emotions also comes out in their positive emotions.  The strength-of-will and stubbornness that they cling to in the things that we struggle to steer them away from also come out in their willingness to absorb new situations, and to explore nature with their whole bodies.

And was I surprised that they were soaking wet on this not-too-chilly but not-quite-summer-like December day?  No, I was not.  Or at least if I was, it only lasted a moment.  It’s part of the fun, you know.  🙂

And I had to remind myself that sliding down the hill to the parking lot on your already wet bottom and collecting a whole new layer of dirt on said bottom is much more fun than going around the traditional way.

So thank you, Jana, for the pleasure of watching your boy and mine explore this little park and enjoy the sunshine together!

{Photo Credit: Eric Bristol}


  1. Great post! That was a memorable moment 🙂 My boy is being bundled up as we speak because he needs to be OUTSIDE and it's only 8:30! So much for quiet mornings *sigh*. Have a great day & let's reconnect soon!

  2. LOVE YOU! Wish our boys could explore more….my youngest…and oldest…the more they have time to explore, the 'more' they become…I so get what you are saying!!!!! LOVE YOU!