Favorite Posts from 2011

With this being the very last part of 2011, I wanted to highlight my favorite blog posts from the last year.

So if you’re brand new to my blog (or even if you’ve been around for a little while), these are the ones that I would want you to read:

I hope you enjoyed reading those as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Also, if you’re a blogger I do have a few Blog Tips/Tutorials for you to check out.

I have a few new things that I’m looking into doing for 2012 that will be very exciting if they pan out. (I’m praying on them, still – I feel like this is something that God is leading me to do, but I’m waiting on an answer from Him….)

Thank you for your readership, and I hope you’ll stick around and see what’s in store for the upcoming year.  Oh, and please feel free to subscribe via email or like MomKaboodle on FB for updates.

Happy New Year!

{Photo Credit: thinkthink}