Encouragement for Momma

I remember when I was in the midst of nursing 9 million times a day…changing a mountain of diapers, not able to put the little one down for more than a minute without hearing screams of discontent….

I was weary, I was exhausted, I JUST NEEDED A BREAK.  I was tired of being touched ALL. DAY. LONG.

A friend of mine played this song for me, and it worked its way into my heart and changed my perspective .  I still like listening to it when the tugs and the pulls and the constant requests (demands!) start to drain me of all energy.

I hope you enjoy it! (and remember, whatever phase you’re in –  this too, shall pass!)


{Photo Credit: Sundikova}


  1. Thank you for sharing this Steph! Today was one of those days when this video comforted me 🙂