Choosing to be Thankful…..

I just read this post at (in)courage and it resonated with me.

I’m a complainer by nature.  (I hate to admit it, but it’s true).   I tend to have a negative first reaction, as I learned from Mary Sheedy Kurcinka’s book, “Raising Your Spirited Child”.  I want to say “no” before I think about saying “yes”.

I was talking to a good friend yesterday and I made a negative comment about a…..erm….feature of mine that has grown in abundance.  She told me to use positive words.  So I did put a positive spin on it, but in a snarky sort of negative way, still.

But back to the post from the (in)courage site – I can find reasons to be thankful in ALL things.  Here, let’s try a couple together:

When looking at the sink (and counters) overflowing with dirty dishes – Thank you Lord that we have abundant food to dirty these dishes and to fill our bellies.

There, that’s better, right?

When looking at the mountain of dirty (and clean!) clothes that never seems to be all cleaned and put away at the same time – thank you Lord that we are clothed, and that we are warm.  Thank you for the muddy clothes that show that we have had fun together enjoying this world that you have given us.

Or how about the bathroom that needs cleaning – dare I go there?  Thank you Lord, that we have running water.  That we have toilets that flush, and that we can take nice warm showers and baths.  (is it wrong for me to add – but please Lord, could you send someone to clean the toilet?  Ahem.  Sorry, that complaining nature of mine again!)

Instead of complaining that I have to drag the kids to work with me, and we can never get there on time, and that they’re bored there, and no matter how much I try to please people somebody’s always unhappy with me about something……Thank you Lord that I have a job that I can bring the kids to.  Thank you that I can continue to raise them and homeschool them, and that we are able to supplement my husband’s pay.  Please make me a blessing to somebody each and every day, and help me to bring glory to Your name.

Instead of complaining that the house has imploded with toys….and paper….and artwork….and books….and MESS, MESS, MESS – Thank you Lord that we have toys and books, that we have little hands to play and color and paint….that we have fun (even if we do balk at cleaning up afterwards!).  Thank you that my children are always learning and experiencing and truly living.  Help me to take after them in their carefree play….and please bless our time together.

… Jesus’ name, Amen.

Can you find ways to be thankful in your messes and your trials?  Feel free to leave me a comment if you need help spinning a complaint to a praise.  😉

{Photo Credit: Warren Millar}


  1. I just love you! And… so thankful that God always knows when I need a big hug from you! Love your post…and am praying you through this….and me….and with Him…we can do it!

  2. Nice job, Mom! Way to hang in there….. these days will fly by in a heartbeat–so try to enjoy them even in the midst of the dirty dishes and soggy towels on the bathroom floor! Been there, done that….my youngest is almost 16!!!

    I was here via Hip Homeschool Moms' Hop. Please check out my blog, too: for a bit of encouragement throughout the year…..

    God's blessings as you give thanks for all you have and looking forward to CHRISTmas!

    Deb <><