How to Participate in a Twitter Party the Easy Way {Twitter Tutorial}

I’ve been to several Twitter parties lately and, almost without fail, several people say “this is my first Twitter party – I have no idea what I’m doing!”.

The Moms of Masterbooks Twitter party is happening next Tuesday night (10/25), so I thought it would be a good time to post a quick tutorial to help you out.

Big Book of History Twitter Party

First, a little back story. When I first started using Twitter, I didn’t know about the cool applications that would make keeping up with everything a million times easier. So I was logging on to my own Twitter page and feeling like I was talking to myself. Granted, I could very well have been, but I’m pretty certain that I was missing out on my @-replies (where people responded directly to what I was saying), as well as a million other things.

I think I just might end up doing a blog post on the different Twitter apps if anybody needs help with those, but for the time-being, I’ll try to stay on topic. Okay?
Now, the group running the twitter party is going to tell you to use a particular hashtag. In the case of the Moms of MasterBooks, the hashtag is #teachthetruth.

For every tweet that you want viewed by the other people participating in the party, you would use the hashtag somewhere in your 140 characters.

Of course some of the chatter will be amongst participants (hey, it’s a party.  You’ll want to mingle!), but the leader(s) of the party will ask you questions throughout, and your answers can help you win prizes!

Now, the idea behind the Moms of MasterBooks parties is that we have a review team that have read the book and posted on their own blogs about it.  The questions (and answers!) for the party have been pulled from the review posts.  You’ll notice that with each of the prize-winning questions asked, there will be a link included.  This will send you directly to the blog post that has the correct answer.  So do yourself a favor – follow the link, find the answer and respond – but don’t forget to use the #teachthetruth hashtag in your answer.

Now, my favorite way to party on Twitter is with TweetChat.  A few minutes before the party starts, go to, and log in with your Twitter account. Enter “teachthetruth” (without quotes) where it asks you for the hashtag. You’ll only see tweets for the Twitter party on this page. For every one of your replies, TweetChat will automatically append the hashtag to the end of your tweet.

If you’d like to get a head start on the correct answers check out the review posts on these blogs:

Eryn – MamaHall
Rebecca – Moms Mustard Seeds
Ashley – Teaching Jenny
Stephanie B – Bowmania
Cindy – Get Along Home
Christy – DevotionMama
Stephanie – (this site!)
Gretta Johns – The Johns Family
Karen – FaithFamilyFibro

Don’t forget to come hang out with us next Tuesday night at 8PM CST (9 PM EST/7 PM MT/6 PM PST).   When you first arrive, use the hashtag #tttrollcall (teach the truth roll call) just to check in with us.  Hope to see you there!