Scrunchy Tissue Paper Pictures

My kiddos and I love doing crafts!  So much so, that if I don’t provide direction for a craft, my 6-year-old will gather the materials on his own and do his own thing.  Sometimes that works out well….other times it just turns into a huge mess. icon smile Scrunchy Tissue Paper Pictures

This is a quick and easy craft that we made the other day.

I actually used card stock (aka super thick paper) here, but you could probably use regular paper as well.

We drew an easy design (in this case a butterfly)…..

paste it 2 Scrunchy Tissue Paper Pictures

applied liberal amounts of glue (*snort!*) – we used the glue stick kind here to keep the mess to a minimum….


paste it J Scrunchy Tissue Paper Pictures


and scrunched up pieces of tissue paper, applying it to the pasted area.  Our little squares came from a tissue-paper craft kit that employed a similar idea to what we did here.  It has these little self-stick shapes that you can use….we had used all of ours up already.  I’m pretty certain that I’ve seen these squares for sale separately on Amazon or Discount School Supply – though you could just as easily cut up or tear up any tissue paper that you have on hand.

pasting Scrunchy Tissue Paper Pictures


And here are the finished results!


J butterfly3 Scrunchy Tissue Paper Pictures


C Butterfly2 Scrunchy Tissue Paper Pictures


I do try to remember to provide as little guidance as possible so that this this truly THEIR creations.  It’s okay for them to go outside the lines, or even put whole chunks of uncrumpled pieces on their pictures.  If it sticks, it’s fair game!

I have a bunch of these types of crafts that I we’ve done and taken pictures of.  I just haven’t had time to post them yet….though here is an easy craft with water that you can do with very little setup.

What kinds of crafts do you and your kiddos like to do?

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  1. Marla says:

    Those are really cute! Thanks for sharing!

  2. annika says:

    Looks like fun! We love crafts too :) Stoppimg by from the Hop.

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