Not Just Accessories….

It makes me angry that some states (including my own) have an option to wear a helmet when you’re on a motorcycle.  Yet they’re VERY strict about wearing seat belts (click it or ticket!).

My sweet Dad was in a (relatively) minor motorcycle accident this week.  Here is a picture of his helmet after it did its job:

He was fortunate that he was also wearing a leather jacket.  I have a pic of his shoulder (the road burn THROUGH the leather jacket – which was still fully intact, btw), but it might not be the greatest for squeamish folks to look at, so I’ll spare you there.

Thank you God for keeping my Dad safe!

And if you ride, PLEASE consider wearing a helmet if you don’t already.  My pastor’s wife is a nurse in the Emergency ICU and she’s seen her share of riders who don’t wear helmets.  The ones that get to leave the hospital on their own steam get sent home a with a shiny new (and not optional) accessory that they call a halo.   Because they’re terribly injured.  I’m thinking the others get to go home on brand new wheels of their own (a wheelchair, that is).

Just sayin’…..


  1. Agreed! And I think the squeamish pics are sometimes what people need to be truly impacted! 😉
    Thanking GOD your Dad is safe, I lost an uncle years ago to a motorcycle accident!