Monsters in My House {aka Strong-Willed Mornings}

The morning starts out somewhat quietly and with smiles if we’re lucky. But the downhill spiral is a tricky thing and will sneak up on you when you least suspect it.

This morning it began with the 2-year-old entering the 6-year-old’s room. Yup, that’s all it took. The 6-year-old and Daddy were having some quiet cuddling time. The 2-year-old wanted to see Daddy and her brother within minutes of waking up. And it all went to you-know-where in a hand basket. The boy was screaming and yelling, flailing his arms and generally being obnoxious.

This lasted for about a hundred years.

Finally he settled down (food always seems to calm the hungry bear).

There was some reading and some cuddling (intermixed with some yelling and whining from both, but nothing this Mommy couldn’t handle).

Then the 2-year-old went from sweet and cuddly to ferocious and refusing to wear clothes for the day. Ummmm, yeah. We’re supposed to be heading out the door for work.   Instead I have a fighting, crying puddle of mess….in the buff. She fights me when I dress her, then as soon as she can get away her clothes are off again.

Don’t even get me started about our growling-baby-bear-entrance into church yesterday. Boy oh boy, it wasn’t pretty!

Where are my sweet, lovely children? Who took them and replaced them with these growling, screeching, red-faced monster-things?

P.S. – After I finished writing this, my sweet girl cuddled up to me and said “I’m sorry for taking my clothes off and for yelling at you”.  Then she told me she loved me and needed cuddle-time.  Awwww!

P.P.S. – This seems to happen more frequently when they had a lot of stimulation the day before.  Yet I forget this until long after the fact…each time.

{Photo Credit:Paul Moore}