It Could Be Worse…..

Ugh.  We had a tough day today.  One where I was counting down the hours until bedtime… this morning.

(and no, my kids don’t nap.  Their biological makeup dictates that they stop napping as soon as they turn 2….unless we happen to be in the car at just the right time of the day and they’re completely worn out and the planets are aligned just so….erm.  Ahem.)

I couldn’t even tell you any ONE thing that went wrong….just the usual fighting and arguing and bickering and not-obeying and this crazy funk that I find myself in.  And the days upon days of rain do NOT help.  At one point I told my boy to go ahead and go outside for a little bit (since it was either raining very, very lightly at the time or not at all).  I don’t think he was even out there for 5 minutes when it started POURING on him again.  It didn’t seem to bother him too much, but with it being cold out there too….well, I made him come in.  (It’s one of those things – do you let it go?  Do you make them come in?  Who knows?!)

BUT….the kids are in bed….I’m having a little bit of down-time, and I ran across this hilarious blog post from Sew Anyhow.  I’m sorry to laugh at your expense Beth, but this totally put my day into perspective!

And I LOVE the prayer at the end of her post!

Here’s to tomorrow being a new day! Thank God that His mercy is new each morning!

{Photo Credit: Vasliy Koval}


  1. I know this day for sure! I miss seeing you around! Are you still homeschooling?

  2. Oh, we all have days like this (and I know hearing that doesn't make it any easier!)… and the good news is that the next day HAS to be better!!! Happy weekend!