Star Wars Birthday Party!

This post is about 2 weeks late.  I had server space issues and was not able to post this until the issues were resolved.

I cannot believe my little boy turned 6! In honor of his birthday, we had a Star Wars themed party for him over the weekend. The Jedi Council (erm….the jury, rather) is still out on whether the party was more for HIS birthday enjoyment, or his Daddy’s birthday enjoyment! (his Daddy’s bday was yesterday….and he definitely had A LOT of fun preparing for this party!)

(These aren’t even all of the signs that hubby made!)

We dressed our Young Padawan learners up in the Jedi robes (a tutorial is coming soon), and sent them on their mission to find their lightsabers.

Once they found their lightsabers, the training commenced.  They had to keep balloons and beach balls up in the air. They then had to rescue Princess Leia (popping balloons to find which one she was in), and rescued Han Solo from the Carbonite (figure “trapped” in Jello). They had some more lightsaber practice by battling a Sith-Lord decoy:

that is…..until Darth Vader showed up!!!  (accompanied by the Imperial Death March playing loudly in the background)

The lightsabers were inflatable guys that light up – we purchased those on Amazon for just under $3 each. As I mentioned before, I made the robes, and I hope to post a tutorial soon. We also awarded “gold medals” to the young Padawans after defeating Darth Vader!

The games were a lot of fun – we found a lot of the ideas online – mainly on Tip Junkie (more Star Wars Party ideas from Tip Junkie), and Make and Takes.  As I was writing this post, I found a bunch of games that I planned to have the kids do.  Ahh well, they had fun on the Slip-n-Slide and in the pool.  =)

We had a blast!