Preparing for the Storm

We’re battening down the hatches (whatever that means!) preparing for Hurricane Irene that is set to hit our state tonight and tomorrow.

According to the local news stations, we could have winds up to 50-74 mph tomorrow!

In preparation for the storm, I picked ALL of my tomatoes (well, I left some of the teeny tiny ones out there hoping that there will be something left of them after the storm…..).  Boo.  This has been the most fruitful (vegetableful – haha, love making up words) seasons for my very very amateur garden.  But all these green guys?  I’m just praying and hoping they’ll ripen!

I know some recipes use green tomatoes…..know of any good ones?

These are the redder guys that I picked this morning….when I was in denial of having to pick them all.

Of course we had to put anything that could potentially be a projectile away too…hopefully we got everything.  =)

We did go to the grocery store to get some last-minute essentials (bread, etc.).  With the predictions of losing power for up to a week (worst case scenario being up to TWO weeks!), I was surprised to see that the shelves still had plenty of bread, milk, chips….though there WERE a lot of people in the store for early afternoon, and every gas pump was being used at the gas station with people waiting.  I’m not sure if we’re all just buying into the hype or if it will REALLY be that bad?

Just to be on the safe side we’re preparing to be out of power for a while (with no internet – GASP!).  We’ll be storing extra water for drinking, everybody is freshly cleaned and scrubbed, I’m doing 90 million loads of laundry, and I’ll probably be cooking up some things that we can easily eat during the week.

Are you preparing for this storm where you are?  What kinds of extra things do you find yourself doing?

I’m hopefully going to be scheduling a couple of posts for this week, but if you don’t see me on facebook/twitter it’s probably because we’re waiting for our power.

Stay safe everyone!


  1. Now we are dealing with the storm Lee. I prepared with extra junk food which the kids have all enjoyed as we spent Saturday home inside together.