Mommy Meltdowns – A Guide for Those on the Other Side of It

Yesterday I had a major Mommy meltdown.  It.  Was.  UGLY.

In similar situations I’ve received some good advice and encouragement as well as some….not so good advice and discouragement (probably unintentional, but discouragement nonetheless).

So here’s a little how-to guide for somebody on the other side of a (homeschooling) Mommy meltdown.

Instead of assuming this is a good reason not to homeschool…..would you please remind me that this is a season, and it too will pass?

Instead of telling me what (you think) I “should” be doing……would you please pray for me? (for peace, for discernment, for help….)

Instead of telling me the things that you think I’m doing wrong…..would you please just say “how can I help?”

Instead of saying that I need to spend less time with my children (b/c we’re driving each other crazy)…..would you please remind me that we should go outside, or to a children’s museum and reconnect with one another?

Instead of reminding me that you don’t think homeschooling is the answer…..would you please respect that this is where God is leading us? Trust me – I’ve second guessed this too (every time it gets hard). With regularity, He continues to gently remind me that this is His will for our family… least for the time-being.

Sometimes we homeschooling moms just need a sympathetic ear rather than having someone jump in and try to solve all of our problems. But most of all, we could use prayer.

(and if you’re another member of the household, some help with the cleaning would be nice!)

Actually, yesterday my Aunt and my cousin came by and played with the kiddos so I could get a little peace….and a little nap.  (and my Aunt did remind me that this is just a season!)  Things have been SO much better since then.  Hallelujah!

{This is a scan of the heart my 6-year-old cut out for me to help me feel better….I had to shrink it down so it would fit.  Sweet, huh?}


  1. The heart your son gave you is the only reason I need to keep homeschooling!! I have found that when I have those meltdowns, it is best not to confide in those people in my life who think I shouldn't be homeschooling. They are not likely to change their tune and start encouraging me. To them, this does seem like a reason not to homeschool. A few friends who also homeschool are a wonderful encouragement. Someone who shares my values and has been there/done that. I am blessed with a husband who is encouraging, especially in this area. And we, your loyal blog-followers, can always lend some encouragement. You are doing a great job! Stick with it! God will bless your perseverance! 🙂

    • MOMKABOODLE says:

      This reminds me of a book I read (I believe it was one by Carol Barnier, but I can't remember for sure), where the author says to keep your game face on when it comes to your non-homeschooling friends/family. Too true – thanks for that reminder!

      My loyal blog followers?! {swoon!} I didn't even know that I had loyal blog followers – you just made my day! =D

  2. I have had a couple of these melt downs recently and I had to say thank you for expressing perfectly what I want to tell everyone. It is so nice to know I’m not alone in this!

    • MOMKABOODLE says:

      Nope, you're definitely not alone! =) One of the great things about having SO many homeschooling moms who blog is that we get a little peek inside to the "real" stuff. Keep on keeping on, Jeni!

  3. Sweet Mama,I LOVE YOU and we all go through those moments/seasons! Yes, we need encouragement and not discouragement, that's for sure! I need a reminder to go outside…that God will fill in the gaps…and I'm learning…that when I"m tired…it's ok to take a nap and let them color or even watch a movie after they have read for the day. It's hard switching gears and remember why we're doing what we're doing…andit doesn't have to be so serious all of the time!!!! Love ya bunches!!!!

    • MOMKABOODLE says:

      Oh, my sweet, sweet friend. Thank you so much for your encouragement – you are such an inspiration to me!

  4. Very good post!! And very true!! I still have a note that my son wrote to me years ago that says "I sore (sorry) mommy" Precious!

    Stopping by from the HHH!

    • MOMKABOODLE says:

      So cute! Love that you held onto it – have you shown it to your son lately? {I wonder what he thinks of it?}
      Thanks for visiting!