Kid Crafts: Fun with Water!

We started out with these giant coffee filter things.  (According to the Discount School Supply website they’re called Texas Snowflakes.  I only had one, so this is cut into quarters).

We used some washable markers.

Then we sprayed water on it,

and sprayed some more.

(the spraying action is great for increasing manual dexterity!)

Though it turns out if you use TOO much color….

it didn’t quite blend as well.

We tried using regular paper, but as my boy says, “it just runs”.  Didn’t do the blending….

The coffee filters were slightly better than the regular paper, but seems like the “snowflakes” worked the best.

But hey, pretty much any chance we get to play with water is great!

Have you done any fun crafts lately?  Feel free to link to them in a comment below.