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We’re hosting some kitties while some friends of ours are away on vacation, and oh my is it fun! This post originally was going to be a multi-topic post until I saw how many pics we have of the kitties….so I’m devoting this one to them.  =)   Orange-kitty (the male) is a little braver […]

Star Wars Word Search Printable {Download}

My soon-to-be 6-year-old is CRAZY about Star Wars!    The past couple of days that I’ve told him that it’s time to do some school work, he has specifically requested Star Wars school work.  It turns out that the search for Star Wars Printables turns up very few resources aside from coloring pages.  We did a […]

The Creation Story for Children {Review & Twitter Party Invite}

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the Earth…..” (Genesis 1:1) We were given the opportunity to review The Creation Story for Children by Helen and David Haidle as part of the Moms of MasterBooks review team. The beginning pages break down the Creation story starting with the verse from the Bible, and then […]

Does God Put Obstacles In Our Way?

I’m in the midst of frantically cleaning my house right now, but had to take a break to get this out of my head and in writing somewhere. Does God put obstacles in our way?  I don’t mean in the big decisions (because I believe he does in those instances), but in the small, everyday […]