Science is Everywhere! {homeschool}

My son finds tons of “science projects” on his own if I don’t plan something out for him – and oftentimes even when I DO have something else planned!

Today he came inside to tell me that he’s studying bird poop.  Ummm, what??!!  (at least he had it in a ziplock baggy….but I still instructed him to wash his hands right away.  YEESH!)  His plan was to discover which bird the….erm…excrement came from, though I’m not entirely sure how he plans to determine that.  (He has since been distracted by other things…I’m hoping that this project will quietly fade into the background and be forgotten!)

I realized, though, that our science lessons can be found in just about everything we do.  Maybe that’s why we both enjoy the subject so much!

The other day we “rescued” a turtle friend from the middle of the road and observed him for a day:

We also visited a Butterfly Sanctuary last week (the boy had at least 4 different butterflies land on him!):

We’re observing our own caterpillars and waiting them to become butterflies:

and generally observing nature!

Do you have any fun “natural” science tips?  I’d love to hear them!

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  1. Hmm bird poop eh? Good luck with that one :). I'm coming over from the TOS into thread. Looking forward to getting to know you this year!

  2. My boys are science lovers as well. As we were coming out today there was a strange bug working about, and one of them asked: "I wonder what this creature is." Nice to meet you. Visiting from HHH.