Being Sensitive Stinks!

It’s called contact dermatitis, and it’s an itchy rash that is currently covering his neck, torso and groin area.

It’s why we wash the kid clothes separately from the adult clothes (we still use Dreft for the kiddos), and we try to stick to things that are perfume-free and dye-free.

But alas, he still manages to come in contact with things from time to time that trigger this.  A lot of times (like now) we’re left guessing exactly what caused the rash.  (poor kiddo!)

Some things that seem to help (in case your kiddo is in a similar situation):

  • 1/2 percent cortisone cream (used in moderation as it does have a steroid and can enter the bloodstream if used too frequently.  Also, avoid the face/groin area when using this)
  • hot showers (this really seems to reduce the itching for a little while
  • extra hugs and kisses (don’t those cure everything?) =)
  • I suppose that Benadryl  might help, but it has such a negative affect on his attitude, that I try to avoid Benadryl when possible.  The only allergy medication that we’ve found so far that DOESN’T affect his behavior is Allegra.  Soooo we started him back on that, and I’m hoping it will kick in soon.

This is day 2 of the rash, so I’ll definitely be putting a call in to the doctor to see what else we can do.  Our past experience has the rash lasting around 2 weeks, so we just want to make him comfortable while he rides this out.