What the Heck Are They Thinking? {A Tip for Getting Inside Their Minds…..Sort of}

Ever wonder what the heck your kids are thinking? How they see things?

Here’s a quick and easy tip for you – give them a camera. Seriously.

My 5-year-old knows how to use our camera, and he does a pretty good job with it. Sure, we find the odd pictures of random objects that were zoomed in on way too far….but some of them come out pretty well!

Recently, I was searching all over the place for our camera. Granted, we’re pretty good at losing things in our house, but I’ve been in a cleaning frenzy of late, so it’s something that I expected that I would have come across.

Finally, my son and I had a conversation, and he told me that he snuck it to my parents’ house one day and accidentally left it there. Oy.

Well, we just got it back, and I happened to see some of the pictures and videos on there – pretty darn funny.

Here’s one that had me laughing:


Gotta love those mismatched socks!

He took another vid of himself playing the piano – he set it up on the table to point at the piano and started banging away. I love it!

This is such an easy way to keep them occupied….and it will give them a tiny glimpse inside those busy minds!