Marvels of Creation: Breathtaking Birds {Review}

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So, on to the review!

To be quite honest, my 5.5-year-old (that’s 5-and-a-half, not a typo) and I struggled with which book to choose between Magnificent Mammals, Sensational Sea Creatures and Breathtaking Birds. He is VERY interested in Sea Creatures (particularly Giant Squid!), and Lions…..we waffled back and forth between these two choices quite a bit. I happened to look “inside” the books on one of the online stores, and we finally decided on the Breathtaking birds. In part because we’ve read 90 million books on Giant Squid and about half as many on lions. =)

In the end we decided upon the Breathtaking Birds book for  our review:

The book series are suggested for children 8-12, but with the non-fiction books, that’s usually not a problem.

That being said, I’m guessing that the introduction was written for the adult, rather than the intended child audience.  I’m not sure how many 8- (or even 12-)year-olds know what “postulated” or “indoctrinated” mean.  And for this age group, I probably would have chosen a version of the Bible that’s a little bit easier to comprehend than the King James Version.    The point of Creationism is well argued, but the format is a bit wordy and seems to speak over the heads of the audience in a way.

But, that’s just the intro, so let’s move on.

The photos in this book are absolutely beautiful.  And we learned a lot about several different types of birds that we had never heard before.

For instance, did you know that the Atlantic Puffin’s beak is ONLY colorful during breeding season?   During this time, the colors are red, yellow and blue striped with yellow in the corner of its mouth.  After the breeding season is over, the colors are shed and the resulting beak is smaller and gray-colored!

My poor, inferior camera doesn’t do the photos justice, but here you can see a picture of the colored beaks on the puffin.

Now as a New England girl, I’ve always seen Canadian Geese around here.  We used to take nature walk’s around my Grandma’s pond and collect the feathers.  (My grandpa even caught and cared for an orphaned gosling – but that’s a story for another time).

Is there much more to learn about these geese other than the fact that they migrate in the winter, fly in a V-formation, honk as they’re flying their positioning helps with the wind currents that carry the geese in the formation behind them?

Well, yes, apparently there is.  Did you know that they are “delicious and served on many a table during the goose season”?  WAAAA?

Okay, so maybe some of you are saying “Oh, sure!  We eat Canadian geese all the time.”  Fine.  But did you know that the Ruby-throated hummingbird often attacks birds much bigger than it – like eagles and crows?  (fiesty little guys!).  Or that their enemies are large spiders (ewww, mine too!), praying mantises, dragonflies and frogs?

We will occasionally see large flying birds around here….I would always guess that it was a hawk, but sometimes my husband corrects me by saying that its a turkey vulture.  I had heard of vultures before, of course, but the turkey vulture was a new one for me.

So now when we’re out driving and my son asks me about the large bird flying above us, I’ll tell him that it’s either a hawk or a turkey vulture.  Well, wouldn’t you know that this book tells you about turkey vultures?  Turns out that hawks and eagles fly with their wings out horizontally, while the turkey vulture soars with their wings in a “V” shape.  Nice!  Now we’ll know what to look for the next time we’re trying to characterize the birds!

Included in this book are several wonderful pages describing how our Creator designed these creatures for flight:

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  1. This looks like a great book! I sure hope I am able to come to this twitter party. I have missed the past couple of ones!