Homeschool Update: Taking Our Lessons Outdoors!

Oh boy, my poor blog hasn’t been getting much attention from me lately. We have been spending most of our days outside, and it has been fantastic!

We had a quick outdoor lesson prior to going to work:

We made a volcano (though you can’t really tell from the pictures!). I had an old yogurt cup that we put some vinegar and what I thought was reddish food coloring. Turns out that it was more magenta-y. We built the dirt up around the yogurt cup to simulate a volcano, then my boy poured baking soda into it and laughed delightedly. We’ve done this type of experiment before (though it’s always been in cups, and indoors), but it never seems to lose its appeal! We’re definitely making this an outdoor project from now on!

We live not too far from UConn, so after work, we took a trip to Horsebarn Hill where we hung out with some horses, some cows and got some ice cream from the Dairy Bar….yum!

I swear, the dandelions there were WAY bigger than the ones in our yard. Must be all that fresh fertilizer! =)

I know that some people think dandelions are weeds, but I still wish I had my camera with me.  They looked so pretty….and BIG!

We’ve started lapbooking with this particular Five In A Row Unit that we’re studying – pictures on that in a few days!

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