Like New Again {Answered Prayers}

Ahhhh, I’m feeling VERY refreshed this week! I had some good “mommy time” over the weekend, which worked wonders on my spirit. However, on Monday I was kind of….well, shall we just say….monstrous? Seriously, it was not pretty.

But the last two days have been GREAT. Truly! And part of (most of) the reason is because I’ve finally been PRESENT with the kids. Ooh boy, I’ve been struggling with that one for a loooong time. (Stinking Mommy burnout!)

You know the saying “When Mama ain’t happy, ain’t NOBODY happy?” (no, I’m not a fan of the word “ain’t”, but work with me, here). Well, I’ve been seeing that in action. Big time. MY mood sets the tone around here. When mommy’s being a….beast, then everyone else’s beast comes out. UGLY!

Anyway, yesterday and today have been filled with giggles, tickles, kisses and hugs. What a blessing!

Oh, and I’m feeling much closer to our Father in Heaven these days (and what a week for it!).

Thank you Lord for these wonderful blessings….these answered prayers. Thank you for lifting me up out of the valley and setting me high on the mountain!

Praise God!

May you have a blessed and meaningful Holy Week!


  1. Does God Answer Prayers?
    For as long as we have been here on earth, everyone has heard the question –does God your prayers? Miracle after miracle, there’s still those who just can’t believe that God is real. There are folks that don’t see that proof that believing in god and praying to him can take care of all of your problems in this world.
    There are people that believe that if God were real then he would reply to our prayers and we shouldn’t have the situations that we have to begin with. Just as you can’t live your child’s life, he does not make a trouble free path for us either. If you decided to give your child everything they asked for, what would make them care or want for anything or appreciate anything, they would simply be spoiled, RIGHT?
    They would never learn respect, or treasure anything. God lets our life play out in the direction it does for a reason, even though you might not understand. But he will never put in front of you anything that you cannot handle. He does not want you to suffer. What he does want is for you to pray, to speak to him, to honor him and have faith that he will take care of us.
    So Does God Answer Prayers?
    Yes he does, go ahead and trust and pray, you just might be surprised at what he might do!

  2. Happy to hear you've had a great couple of days! Being "present" makes such a difference, doesn't it?! Easier said than done, of course. Wishing you many Holy Week and Easter blessings. And happy iFellowship Wednesday!