Coming Out of the Darkness….

Okay, if you’ve been hanging around here lately, you may know that I’ve been in a bit of a funk lately. (and if you have been hanging around and didn’t know it….well, I guess that means I’m hiding it well!)

ANYWAY, I had some rays of sunshine that broke through my funk today that I wanted to share.  I also wanted to document it for myself as a reminder. 😉

The first thing:

My 2-year-old was sitting on the couch with her hands folded together in front of her. She was going on and on about SOMETHING, though I had no idea what she was saying. Then I heard what sounded like “Amen”. I said to her “were you just praying?”. She gave me a big grin, nodded and say “YEAH!”. (Then I realized that she actually had started that out with “Dear God,”).

Gotta love that!

What makes this especially heartwarming to me is knowing that although what she was saying seemed rather incoherent to me, our wonderful Father in Heaven knows EXACTLY what she was talking about. Praise God!

The second thing:

My son asked if we could eat outside today. When I told him that we could, he even went and grabbed a comforter and set it up in “the perfect spot” in our backyard. The three of us ate our lunch and read together, and it was so peaceful and nice (though windy and a little chilly!).

We actually had a pretty good day today, and we were all in good spirits – a nice change from recent days!

I’ve been feeling a nudging to read Psalm 119 (oh boy, am I too often slow to respond!). But these are the words that I want to leave with…well, with me:

169O Lord, listen to my cry;

give me the discerning mind you promised.

170Listen to my prayer;

rescue me as you promised.

171Let praise flow from my lips,

for you have taught me your decrees.

172Let my tongue sing about your word,

for all your commands are right.

173Give me a helping hand,

for I have chosen to follow your commandments.

174O Lord, I have longed for your rescue,

and your instructions are my delight.

175Let me live so I can praise you,

and may your regulations help me.

176I have wandered away like a lost sheep;

come and find me,

for I have not forgotten your commands.

-Psalm 119:169-176

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  1. So glad to hear about your rays of sunshine! What a sweet story about your daughter – and great idea from your son to spend some special time together outdoors! I hope the rays of sunshine continue to break through!

  2. Love the photo, and love the sweet little stories about your kids. Those are rays of sunshine!