Train Lovers, Eat Yer Hearts Out!

Not that I have any clue what “Eat Yer Heart Out” really means….!  😉


We love trains in this house.  In a BIG way.  So the other day, the kids and I were leaving work, and we hear the train whistle.  From past experience, we know that we can get to a couple of train-crossings before the train gets there.  So we pile into the car, and drive to the closest crossing.  There is a parking lot adjacent to the tracks, and we were able to sit there and watch the train go by.

Well, to our surprise, there were THREE engines pulling this train, and EIGHTY-TWO cars behind it.  Seriously.  It was amazing.

Soooo, we raced home (about a 7 minute drive from where we were), I ran into the house to grab the camera, and then we estimated where we thought we could catch the train next (there are 3 other places nearby us that we could see it – it passed over one of them as we were heading home).

Guess what?  We made it to the crossing JUST as the train was coming up, and we got it on video.  WOOH!

Wanna see it?


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  1. I love that you dropped everything to run to the train. Good Mom! Visiting from the Hop.