This Week’s Sanity-Savers Brought to You By……

I had a “day off” this past Saturday – woohoo!  My sweet, sweet friend and I had a nice day together – she spoiled me!

On our way back from a yummy lunch, we stopped into our local Borders store because it’s closing and everything’s “on sale”.  My Super-Geek powers had a chance to shine as I scoped the prices, calculated the discounted price and said “I can find that cheaper on Amazon”….for just about everything. (Dorky, huh?)

Well, I did end up buying a couple of things….one was a book for myself that I’ve been wanting to read (Bad Girls of the Bible and What We Can Learn from Them), but I also ended up getting a couple of things to keep my 5-year-old busy.

The plan was to occupy him while we were at work, but I’ve been dealing with a stomach bug since the weekend and now I’m feeling flu-y, so these impulse buys have been totally saving me.

The first sanity-saver is a game that my friend that I was out with has been talking to my son about recently. Her boys have this game, and they really love it. It’s called Rush Hour Jr. It’s a neat little game where you have different cards representing different traffic jams. You pick a card, set up the cars to match, and try to get the Ice Cream truck out of the jam. One of my favorite things is that he can play it on his own!

The second sanity-saver is something that I saw and just had to have for him – it’s called Invasion of the Bristlebots. It’s a book that has these 2 toothbrush heads in it, and 2 “robotivators”. You attach the little robotivator (motor) to the toothbrush head, and you’ve got a “bristle bot”….or a toothbrush robot. TOO FUN! You can make it go in different directions or do different things by changing the position of the robotivator. The book has other neat things you can do with it, and includes punch-outs so you can make a maze for the bristlebot, etc.

I’m really excited about these darn things….especially this week!

One thing that I was disappointed that I couldn’t find was Wendy Hagen’s Totally Desperate Mom: Keepin’ It Real in the Motherhood. Hubby, if you’re reading this, I would SO love this for Mother’s Day. Or Just Because I Love You Day. Or See? You’re Not the Only Crazy Mommy! Day.   ‘Cuz I need it.

Boring Disclaimer:
I didn’t receive any compensation for this blog post.  Except as a cheaper-than-therapy writing outlet
If you order anything by clicking on those little blue linkies I’ll get a small kickback from Amazon that won’t affect your purchase price in any way.

If you’re my husband and order that last book that I linked to, I’ll love you forever. Oh wait, I already promised to do that anyway.  Darn.

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  1. LOL, I leave my husband gentle hints on my blog sometimes as well. I'm glad you had a Mommy recharge day with your friend. Isn't it great how a few hours with a great gal pal can really refill your spirit?

  2. Hopping from ifellowship 🙂 great sanity savers – I'm not sure what mine is. Sweet tea, maybe??

    • MOMKABOODLE says:

      oooh good one! I drink coffee all day (a decaf/caf mix, the ratios depend on the day!). I love sipping it's hot goodness. =) Definitely have to get over this flu-thing. Haven't been able to drink coffee since last week – ugh!

      Thanks so much for visiting – happy iFellowship!

  3. Like your sanity savers. Mine has always been my sewing. :o) Visiting from iFellowship. Happy Wednesday! :o)

    • MOMKABOODLE says:

      I love sewing/crocheting/reading for myself….I needed something to stem the flow of 9 million questions….for just a little while this week though! =) Thanks for stopping by, and Happy iFellowship!