{Review} CSN Stores

I’m a bit behind on getting this review out…..SO sorry!

I received a gift code a while back from CSNStores.com. In case you missed my last CSN stores post, or if you are not familiar with the company, it is comprised of over 250 stores. They have luggage, baby items, toys, household items, etc. I LOVE it! And of course you can access all of their stores from one convenient website – even better!

Soooooo my experience with them. The hardest part was figuring out what I was going to get with my handy-dandy gift code. Something for me? Something for the kids? Oooh, how about their curtains! Or stuff for the patio…. It took me forever to figure out what I was going to buy. There were so many great things, I just couldn’t decide!

I finally settled on educational stuff for the kids….cuz I’m addicted to that kind of stuff!

So I placed my order, received my confirmation email, and I was good to go.

A few hours later, I get an email from CSN stores saying:

“Your order from CSN Stores has shipped!

Great News! We upgraded your order and have shipped it out today so you can get your item(s) faster! This upgrade is free of charge and our way of thanking you for shopping with CSN Stores.”

Sweet! I actually got a 2nd email the next day, since apparently my two items were shipping separately.

The first thing we received were these Measuring Worms. We homeschool, but the traditional sit-down-and-do-worksheets doesn’t work most of the time with the 5-year-old, so I’ve always got my eyes peeled for fun ways to do math etc.

The worms come in 1-inch, 2-inch, 3-inch and 4-inch lengths.

How many worms long is the brochure?

My thoughts:

These little guys are marked with a teeny-tiny number underneath them that blends in to the color of the worm, letting you know how many inches it represents.
If I were the one designing them, I think I would have made 1 worm (the 4-inch one for example), multi-colored, so that each inch was marked in an obvious way.  So the 1st inch of the 4-inch-long worm would be red, the 2nd inch yellow, the 3rd inch blue and the 4th inch green.  That way, the kiddos could easily COUNT the inches if they needed to.  They could even be marked with alternating colors….

They’re note exactly well-marked when laying them out for the kids and I don’t really understand why not.

The second thing that I ordered is called a Twist-n-Sort and it’s made by GuideCraft toys.

This package arrived while we were celebrating my little one’s 2nd birthday, so we had the privilege of having my niece here too.  She is 7 months older than my daughter.

Of course my 5-year-old had it test-drive it, too!

My thoughts:
I love the bright colors and the different shapes on here.  I also love that the toy works on the kids’ manual dexterity!

As far as being able to play with this – the concept is a bit too advanced for my 2-year-old, and way too easy for the 5-year-old.  The almost-3-year-old seemed to enjoy playing with it, though!  It’s marked for ages 3+, so I guess that makes sense!

So there you have it.  Just to be clear, CSN stores does not produce these toys themselves (they’re kind of like my other favorite place to shop, Amazon). My shopping experience with them was great, and I would readily shop with them again!

Disclaimer: As previously mentioned, I was provided with a gift code from CSNStores.com for the purpose of this review. The thoughts in this review are honest and my own, and I was not influenced in any way by CSN stores to write a positive review for them.