Pledge to Play!

This Mama has been checked out lately. Totally zoned out, shut down, not here. Mama no esta aqui.

Our attitudes have stunk. We have back-talking, yelling, major meltdowns and terrible tantrums. And the kids have been acting out too. 😉

Well, the weather has been a little warmer lately. So we’ve actually gotten outside to play the last four days. And boy, can I tell you, it has done wonders for ALL of us. We were actually outside playing at 8:30 on this Saturday morning, with a light rain coming down. And IT. WAS. GLORIOUS. (especially since both kids were awake since sometime in the 5:00 hour….and so were we!)

It hit me today, that I want to make a pledge right here and now to get outside with the kids every day. For as long as we possibly can.

Getting outside for a little bit today even got my brain going and inspired some fun play time for the kiddos when we came back inside:

Just a giant bucket of warm water, some empty bottles and some water toys.  Aaaaah, sweet, laughing, fun times.

(‘course I was just downloading the pics from the camera when it all go out of hand – the little one dumped water on the floor, then slipped through her puddle….good job, Mama!)

Would you like to take the Pledge to Play? All you have to do is grab the button and put it either in a post or in your sidebar, and write out what you pledge to do more of with the kiddos.

If you do take the pledge, I’d love if you leave me a comment here and I’ll link to your site.



  1. I got the post up 😀
    Have a blessed day!

  2. I am totally pledging to play! I will write up my post tomorrow but I went ahead and put the badge on my sidebar. You are so very right about that precious outside time. What an attitude adjuster! Little Bit is only 13 months but he and I are so much more content outside. I am looking forward to many warm days outside and perhaps a pretty tan for Momma to boot ;D