Mom-Tip Monday: Stop Night-Time Coughing

Photo Credit {Wojciech Gajda}

About a year ago, our son was coughing until he vomited every single night.  He was missing out on precious sleep, and it was throwing off his whole day.  We would have to dose him with cough medicine several times a night so the poor kiddo could get some rest.

This went on for many, many days.  It went beyond coughing for a few days or even a week because he had a cold.  I’m not a fan of giving meds any more than we need to, so I called the doctor to see what alternative solutions were available.  He suggested using a humidifier in my son’s room.  That’s it, easy-peasy.  And it worked WONDERS.  No more nightly cough-medicine-chugging.  (except for when he has a true cold).

Last week a friend of mine mentioned that she and her boys were up way too many times in the night because her kiddos were coughing incessantly.  I remembered the humidifier trick, and suggested it to her.  A couple of days later she called to tell me that their night-time coughing had ceased as well and everyone was getting the rest that the needed.  Phew!

Just a little something to store in your Mom (or Dad!)-bag.  🙂


  1. Thanks for the tip. I've been coughing for weeks. Maybe I should put on a humidifier!

  2. Humidifiers can really help, especially in the dry air with heat on. I am glad you found something "natural" to help your son's cough. I always try to go that route 🙂
    Happy iFellowship Day.