{Kids’ Book Review} God Gave Us So Much

I love the gentle words of Lisa Tawn Bergren!  We had already owned and loved “God Gave Us You” and “God Gave Us Too”, so I knew that we were in for a treat in her 3-in-1 book, “God Gave Us So Much”.

The first story in the collection, “God Gave Us the World” has Little Cub learning that there are other places beyond her own home.   Mama Cub details the different types of bears around the world, and how they not only look different, but that they have very different likes as well – some of which may seem very strange to us! “I think it’s fun that God made us all bears, but all special too.”  What a great way to model acceptance of everybody’s differences!

The second story, called “God Gave Us Love” is especially sweet.  Little Cub gets upset with the “pesky otters”, which sets off a conversation with Grandpa about where love comes from.  Little Cub asks the typical million-and-one questions, and Grandpa’s answers are thoughtful and point back to the Creator of love.

The last story in this book is called “God Gave Us Heaven”.  Not too long ago, we lost two family members within weeks of each other, and my son who had just turned 4 at the time had a LOT of questions about Heaven.  We had gotten him this particular story to help answer some of those questions in a way that he could relate with. When Little Cub asks if we can take our stuff to Heaven, Papa cub tells her no, then goes on to explain that “Sometimes we thing we need stuff, but it’s just more weight for us to carry.  Our best stuff doesn’t weigh anything at all – stuff like love, family, friends and faith.  That’s where our real blessings are.”

The illustrations are beautiful, the concepts that can be difficult for little ones to grasp are tenderly explained, and the answers give us adults a jumping-off point when we don’t always know just the right words to answer the many questions that come our way.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of “God Gave Us So Much” for review purposes from Blogging For Books.  The opinions in here are my own, and were not influenced as a result of receiving the book.


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