Prayers, please….

Photo Credit: Mat Hayward

My poor little girl has had a fever since Saturday.  As her cough has gotten progressively worse and that fever is persisting, we went to see the doctor yesterday.  He listened to her lungs and heard a little crackling in one of them. The dreaded “p” word (shouldn’t it be “n”?  Really!) – Pneumonia.  Ugh.

We covet your prayers for healing.

She hasn’t eaten anything solid since Saturday afternoon.  She absolutely refuses.  My kids are long-time nursers, and neither one would give it up before 2 years of age (which the American Pediatric Association is recommending anyway, so it’s all good 🙂 ).  Anyway, we had come to an agreement that she would only nurse at naptime and at bedtime (which in her mind includes the time that she is sleeping and when she wakes up – but I digress).  At any rate, I’ve been allowing her to nurse as often as she needs to since she is unable to eat anything else, which the pediatrician assured me is the best thing for her at this time.

(and why, oh why, do I feel the need to defend our decision here?  It is not out of some weird need for me to hold on to her baby-ness.  No, it certainly is not.  I am DONE with it.  Completely done.  But, alas, she is not.  So for now we continue…..)

She’s refusing to take medicine of any kind right now, which she clearly needs to feel better.  And she is miserable.  Poor kiddo!

An update: Yay, oh yay, I jinxed us!  (though is it really considered “jinxing” when it produces good results?)  The little one saw her brother’s open-faced pizza sandwich* today and wanted one of her own.  She ate the majority of it, and finished it off with a colossal coughing fit.   But the food stayed right where it was supposed to.  Just now she wanted some of the goldfish crackers that she saw her brother snarfing down and actually ate some.  Success!

I do have a funny little story to accompany this:

My 5-year-old came in to wake me up (repeatedly, I might add) and ask me to read to him this morning.  I COULD. NOT. STAY. AWAKE.  But I did give it a valiant effort.  I would read a few words, then all of a sudden realize I had dozed off again – but only because my brain would process the words that I apparently was making up.  And realizing that they made no sense at all.  Poor kid.  I was going along, reading the words, throwing in some off-the-wall words because my eyes were closing and my brain was going into stasis mode, then waking myself back up….just to do it again.  (I vaguely remember saying something about chickens when trying to read to him about the life of whales and other underwater creatures).

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*This is a fancy name for spreading spaghetti sauce on bread, sprinkling some shredded mozz on top and toasting.  Quick and easy, and the kids love it!


  1. Will pray! 🙂 I hope that she does feel better, and better yet–gives in to taking her medicines 🙂
    So many times I have done the same thing or something much like it—my mind thinks it is actually doing something, but my body isn't moving or no words are coming out? I hope you all are encouraged through all of this, sometimes it gets discouraging when sickness comes. We will pray for her to get better!