Mommy Tip Monday: What to Do with Those Pants Hangers?

Ya’ know those pants hangers that the kids’ clothes come on? I don’t use them. They drive me crazy. I usually just toss the darn things.

Well….the kiddos  were painting the other day, and I was at a loss trying to figure out where  I was going to put the multitudes of pictures to dry.

And then it hit me – these stinkers will hold two pictures a piece!  (fortunately we have a cool little line hanging above our sink to dry bibs, etc. – but the little clips were too big to hold the paper…)

Now, this probably doesn’t need to be said, but for the Mommy-brained (don’t feel bad, I’m totally there!), it’s probably not the best idea to hang the drippy paintings from the line…unless you don’t mind having pretty-colored dishes and whatever else is under them.  🙂

Pretty neat, huh?  And it sure beats laying those wet creations on my nice stove top!

If you have a great Mommy tip, I’d be honored if you’d leave it here in the comments – I’m all for helping each other out!


  1. great idea for the hangers! I hang fishing line above my kitchen doorway and put b'day cards, kids pics etc on for display ?. happy day to you!

  2. Those hanger drive me crazy too! 🙂 I just started buying frozen chicken fajita meat for a quick lunch for the kids. I just microwave enough for all of them to have a taco and five minutes later we're eating something they all love!