Friday Funnies {Linky}

Happy Friday!

We had to move the Friday Funnies off of Seeds of Faith to make room for our NEW weekly Bible Study (woohoo!).

But you know what? We’ve had a week of sickness, and quite frankly it’s been pretty tough around here. And this momma could use some Funnies – how about you?

You’re welcome to either leave me a comment of your “funny”, or post about it on your blog and link up!

This one is an oldie, but a goodie. For Christmas, my son received not one, but TWO GeoTrax Sets. With it, he also received an Expansion Pack Set.

Well, when we put away a bunch of the toys for a later day, the Expansion Pack was put away with it. He asked me for it several THOUSAND times, but it was in the room where his sister was sleeping, and I was afraid that I would wake her up while getting it. I told him that he needed to wait…..over and over again I said this.

Finally I said to him something along the lines of “I don’t want to hear you asking me for that again, or I won’t get it for you at all today”. (I know, I’m a mean Mommy, right?)

Well, this is what he deposited in my lap a little while later:

Just in case you need an interpretation, it’s a picture that he drew of a train, a straight track and a curved track.  He very specifically did not “ask” me again!

Tell me your funnies from this week (and they don’t have to be kid-related just clean/family-friendly!).  Remember, you can leave it in the comments field or post it on your own blog and link it up.