Christmas Blessings!

Merry Christmas!  I cannot believe it is here already – boy, did these last few weeks (and months!) pass in a blur!

I hope you were able to get some rest last night.  I think I had somewhere between 3 & 4 hours of sleep….all for a good cause, though!  (stayed up too late wrapping presents, and woke up to my 5-year-old bouncing off the walls before the sun came up!)

He was so funny this morning – he came into our room (for the 90-millionth time), and came over to me (I was TRYING to fall back to sleep), and said “Mommy, I need you to ask Daddy something.”  (Daddy was trying to sleep next to me).  He goes on to say “how can daddy expect me to build on the excitingest day ever?”

We had put some of the toys he received at yesterday’s Christmas celebration in his room thinking it would distract him for a little while.  But, alas, the prospect of Santa leaving treasures trumped the cool new toys!  He’s a trip, isn’t he?

Now for a little confession (I seem to do that a lot both here and on my posts at Seeds of Faith!):
Sometimes I think I have the most difficult kids in the world. Truly. I look at the women who go on and on about their large, wonderful, homeschooling families where the kids toe the line and everything moves along quite smoothly. At least from the outside. And here I am struggling with two kids.

I find myself going through phases where it seems like all I focus on is how difficult everything is. What a challenge it can be to get through the day without letting crazy yelling mommy out of her cave.

And then I come across something like this:

This gal from Trenches of Mommyhood is in need of prayer for her sweet little one (who’s 5) and their family.

Prayers are also needed for this family who lost their little one (who was a month younger than my youngest): RosCommon Acres.

I see things like this, and I wonder What in the world do I have to complain about? Our blessings are many. Count them, and continue thanking God for them!

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Merry Christmas!