The Kiddos Made Me Want to Cry Today…..

….but not in the way you might think.

My kiddos (5 & 19 months) get in each others’ faces A LOT. Sure, they giggle together (which is just so adorable), but I feel like more often than not I’m refereeing and consoling one or the other of them.

Well, this morning was one of those sweet moments where I just sat back and watched while my heart just expanded.

My Big had taken out a puzzle to do, and of course my Little was getting in his way and undoing everything that he had done. So I got out one of the chunky wooden puzzles with the big knobs for my Little to try to figure out.

Well, as always, my Big came over and started playing with the “new” (or newly introduced as the case may be) toy. However, this time he was actually helping his sister with it. This is how it went down:

My Big would put the piece where it belonged, and then take it back out again, slightly off-setting it so my Little just had to slide it back in the slot. He’d sit back and wait for her to give it a try, offering encouragement.

My Little would make an attempt at it. If she didn’t get the piece in it’s slot, he very patiently set it back up again for her.

When she did get the piece in, he would cheer for her and move on to the next piece.

This went on for several minutes. It. Was. ADORABLE. (I was even able to get a little bit on video).

Of course as soon as he stopped helping her and went back to his own puzzle she went over and started wrecking it again and the fighting resumed…..

….ahhhh well, it was great while it lasted!


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