How to Link To Other Sites Plus a Little Trick {Keep Your Traffic on Your Site}

You may already know how to link to another site from your own.  Many times I see people linking, but they don’t have the linked site open up in its own window.  This is great for sending traffic to another site, but you don’t want them to leave your site in the process.

By adding a small bit of code, you can send your visitor to another site without having them leave yours entirely.

Here is the code that you may already know:

Now by adding the words  target=”_blank” to your code, you will tell the web browser to open the link in a new window.  Here’s how it looks in action:

For example, let’s say you want to link to my site.  You could say something like this:

I found a tutorial about linking to sites on MomKaboodle.

If you use the following code, you will be sending people to my site in the same window that your post was in, so they will be leaving your site completely:

(This drives me crazy because then I lose my spot in the post I was reading – especially if you’re sending me to a vendor website where I’m clicking around a bunch).

If you use the following code, the link will open in a new window, and your visitors won’t lose their spot on YOUR blog (remember, if they’re not that familiar with your blog, they might not come back)

If you are linking an image to a website, it really isn’t any different.  For instance, I’m going to but in a button graphic here:


Here is the code that I used to do it:

Hope that helps!