Great Prayer Ideas for the Kiddos

Little Girl with Pray Rock

In the past two days I’ve gotten 3 fantastic prayer ideas that really inspired me.

This evening I was reading to my son from his devotional book:

Sometimes I feel like the wording is a little bit young for him (he’s five) with the simplistic rhymes, but he really seems to enjoy the stories, and there is a prayer included as well as an activity to bring the message home.

Tonight’s story talked about fear and worry. The activity said to take turns naming things that you are afraid of/worried about. After each person’s statement, you say “God said be strong and do not fear”.

I’ll admit, I don’t always do the activities (some are not the kind that you do when you’re doing the bedtime routine with your little one), but tonight we did, and I’m so glad. My son told me some things that were….enlightening. We’ll have to work that activity again a little more often!

This morning, one of my online friends whom I admire, Sue from The Homeschool Chick, had a great post about praying over your children. In fact, it was a FANTASTIC post, and I strongly encourage you to read it: How to Speak God’s Word Over Your Children.

Yesterday, I came across another great post about Making a Prayer Jar. This is something that I struggle with sometimes. I want to be sure that my children know how important it is to intercede for others in prayer. We try to remember to list off the people that we want God to especially bless, but this idea really puts the person needing prayer right in front of you.

Have you checked them out yet? What’re you waiting for?

Have a blessed day! Oh, and if you’re here from iFellowship, WELCOME and please make sure you leave a comment so I’ll be sure to visit you back!


Little Girl with Pray Rock Art Print by Laura Monahan