Jeepers Creepers, Where’d You Get Those Peepers?

Why, we made them of course! And you can too. :)

You may remember making these Peeping Chicks when you were younger.

Need me to do a rundown anyway? Sure, here you go:

  • construction paper, color of your choice (for egg)
  • brass fasteners
  • yellow construction paper (for your chick)
  • white & blue construction paper (optional – for the chick’s eyes)
  • small amount of orange construction paper (for your chick’s beak)
  • Stickers, markers and any other embellishments
    1. Cut out a large oval shape for your egg.  Around about the middle of it, cut a jagged line across to represent a cracked shell.
    2. Cut out a head for your chick.  I just did an oval with a jagged top to look like spiky feathers.
    3. Glue chick to bottom half of egg.
    4. Cut out a diamond shape from the orange paper and fold in half to form the beak.  Glue on to the chick’s face along with eyes.  Alternatively, you can draw in the eyes with markers or crayons.
    5. Attach the top and bottom of the egg on one side with the brass fastener.
    6. We embellished ours with stickers to give it more of an Easter feel.  My son put Thomas the Tank engine stickers on his…I couldn’t convince him otherwise.  :)

    Presto!  You’ve got a little chick that peeps out of his egg!