UBP10 After Party

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

YES! I love that UBP10 has an after party! I’ve been having so much fun over the past week and I really don’t want to see it end. Though my productivity has decreased significantly in other areas recently….!

I met some great bloggy ladies over the past week that I’m so excited about. As part of the rules, I am to talk about at least three of them that I have met through UBP10. Hmmmm, where to begin?

Okay, here’s the list of blogs I’m jealous of that I love.

I really love Confessions of a Homeschooler. I found her site to be friendly and inspiring. Thanks, Erica!

One of my new favorite bloggers is Wendy Hagen over at Hagenhoopla. As she knows, I’m stalking her blog right now. Seriously, you have to go over there. I laugh so hard it hurts when I read her posts!

I came across Crayon Wrangler as I was writing this post. Love her site too!

HAH! I knew this was going to be more than three for me! Still with me? Good!

Hungry? Check out Merry with Children’s blog. She’s got some AMAZING looking recipes on her site!

Need some Spiritual Inspiration/Uplifting? Check out Tara McClenehan’s site. Looking back, I think I forgot to post a comment over there….hmmm, will have to go visit her again!

I also like Ann again…and again. She’s got a great blog-writing style, and she’s got Virtual Girls’ Night Out every Friday Night. Woot! Meet ya’ over there!

I know this is outside of the rules, but I’ve gotta give my friends at Mommy Moment an honorable mention. Technically I found them just before UBP10, so they’re not new to me as of the party, but I still love their site!

I know I forgot to mention a BUNCH of great blogs (I feel like this is my acceptance speech for an award!). Seriously though, I didn’t even have a chance to visit all of the great blogs on the UBP10 post. I’ll be checking them all out over the next few weeks and adding more blogs on here.

If you’re a new Twitter friend of mine and don’t see yourself on here, please don’t feel bad. I promise I loved your blog too. I’ve got some serious Mommy brain going on over here, and just can’t even remember all of your awesome sites off the top of my head.

Thanks and happy partying!