Do You Know About Pampers Gift-to-Grow Program?

I love Pampers Diapers and Wipes. LOVE. THEM.

The Pampers Swaddlers are what they gave us to use in the hospital, and we stuck with them. In fact, our 1st kiddo (BugBuddy) had super-sensitive skin. To the point where if anyone wore perfume or had scented laundry detergent while holding him, his whole face would break out in a bright red rash. We actually tried another brand of diaper that we received as a shower gift, and guess what? Yup, he broke out. Using DIAPERS! Soooo we used Pampers diapers and the Sensitive wipes with him, and we’re now using solely those for kiddo #2 (SweetPea).

Aside from it’s non-irritating…..ness, we love that Pampers offers Gift to Grow points with all of their diapers and wipes that can be redeemed for toys, gift cards, etc. In the past we were able to get movie passes, and even a pass for 2 movies, a large popcorn and 2 sodas from Blockbuster.

We’re working toward our next reward….haven’t chosen what it’s going to be yet. I found this great blog post from
Savvy Savin’ Mama where she lists a TON of GTG codes that you can add to your account. Seriously. I just added 200 extra points thanks to her. Wooh!