Digging for Dinosaur Eggs!

Okay, we’re huge dinosaur lovers in this house – HUGE!

At my son’s preschool the other day, each kid was given a chocolate chip cookie (Toll House, I think) and a toothpick.
Their task was to use the toothpick to dig out all of the dinosaur eggs (chocolate chips).Plate of Chocolate Chip Cookies

The idea was to give them a fun task of course, but also to open the conversation up for words like “excavate” and “paleontologist”. Plus, they had the added bonus of being able to eat the cookie and the chocolate chips when they were through.

My son’s teacher told me that he was REALLY engrossed in this and dug out every single chocolate chip. “So if I ever need to occupy him and get a little bit of
time to myself….” Duly noted!

If you try this, I’d love to hear your results!