Real Help For People Who Struggle With Cleaning

I'll be totally straight with you - cleaning is not my strong suit.  My husband gets frustrated with what I call my "cleaning ADHD" - I get easily distracted cleaning little things up in different rooms of the house so that no single area looks completely clean. I've read tons of books on … [Continue reading]

Learning to Love Others Well – Listen, Love, Repeat #BookReview

Are you looking for a way to love others well in your sphere of influence? Listen, Love, Repeat: Other-Centered Living in a Self-Centered World  is a new book by Karen Ehman that shows you just how to do that. I was blessed to be on Karen's Launch team (so fun, by the way!), and hear her share her … [Continue reading]

How to Say Goodbye to Angry, Stressed-Out Parenting

We've hit a really hard season in our family that we've been stuck in for a while, now.  I'm ashamed to admit it, but we've been stuck in an awful … [Continue reading]

Valentine’s Fun…..Right?

Do you make Pinterest-Perfect Valentine's for the kids' school parties?  Or the pre-made ones? We went with the boxed ones this year (Star Wars for … [Continue reading]

This Is Probably Why It’s Called a One Word CHALLENGE

Happy New Year! The other week I mentioned that I knew what my One Word was for 2016.  And that I had more than ONE One Word.  Which, seems to me, … [Continue reading]

Filling Up the Love Tank – Sometimes It’s the Little Things

We've been going through a season of HARD around here.  Hard attitudes, hard hearts, hard words..... Our 10-year-old has been telling us that we love … [Continue reading]

On the Hook – Leaping Stripes and Blocks Baby Blankets

I have fallen in love with this easy baby blanket pattern from Moogly Blog called Leaping Stripes and Blocks.  It's a very easy pattern and works up … [Continue reading]

Stressed? Try These Two Breathing Techniques (I Was Doing Them Backwards….!)

Merry Christmas Eve! In all of the holiday hustle & bustle, I imagine a few of us are feeling a LITTLE bit of stress right now.  (I know I … [Continue reading]

Parenting Is Heart Work #heartparenting {Book Review}

Did you ever notice how each stage of parenting kids makes you feel like a newbie parent all over again?   And just when you think you have things … [Continue reading]

Another Heart Parenting Giveaway Opportunity!

Hey Guys, So I apologize for not posting about this giveaway sooner - forgive me, as I've fallen behind! This is a fantastic giveaway for the … [Continue reading]